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If you are currently "on" an Archon quest -- as in, you've spoken to one of the key NPCs while at the correct Adventure Rank and received a task to do -- then you won't be able to participate in co-op. You'll have to finish that stage of the Archon quest before you can do co-op again. The same goes for friends -- if you're done with your Archon quests for now, but they aren't, then they won't be able to play with you. Before you start inviting or joining players, you’ll need to actually become friends with them through Pokémon Unite itself. This friends list is separate from the one on Nintendo Switch, so you’ll need to go in and add everyone virtual games online for groups manually. Playing browser games to play with friends is a super fun way to pass the time and bond with your buddies, wherever they may be. While playing games on the phone is fun, we can’t deny that browsers have their own charm. Are you a mobile person or a PC person? Which game are you most excited to play with your friends? Share your thoughts in the comments section!